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    Welcome to the new forums.

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    Hello there. Was looking for some ideas on what to do with the program. I guess profiles for windows and my steam games, etc. Looks like the forums aren’t too active yet? Or did I do something wrong? Either way I look forward to using your program that I have already purchased through steam!!

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    Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for posting in the forum. You’re not wrong. You are the first to post here. We recently launched on Steam, and have had a few comments on the Steam community page. But, we would prefer to get our own forums going.

    To answer your question, a good strategy for an initial VoiceWarrior setup is to expand your default/global profile (VoiceWarrior.vcm) to load other profiles. Setup specific profiles for your games or apps that and have them loaded with your global profile.

    For example:

    Create application specific profiles for your favorite apps Steam, Minecraft, and Fallout 4.
    This basically involves looking up the key commands, deciding which ones makes sense to be voice-activated, and then creating a command with an action to simulate pressing the key.

    Once you have a few of those done, save each file as [application name].vcm.

    Then, in your global VoiceWarrior.vcm, create commands for:
    “Run Application Steam”
    “Run Game Minecraft”
    “Run Game Fallout Four”

    Have each one of those commands launch the exe for the application or game, and then load the VoiceWarrior profile.

    That should get you started.

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    Lord Mystirio

    Thanks, glad to be here. Still trying to figure out how to use the software properly. I few video tutorials could help (me) I think.

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    Hello, I am X it is a pleasure to be here in the Voice Warrior Overview and I am hoping to expand on it with its amazing open scripting, I would like to know how to add Media Player commands to control videos that are playing like “Next” or “previous video” such things like that for players like windows media player, VLC, and so on in that matter.

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      @X, you can send special keyboard commands for media controls. Take a look at the keyboard action. Click the pencil icon to bring up a helper window. In the bottom left there is a special keys selection list. Media commands will be there.

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    Hello im Ultimafreak

    I just bought Voice Warrior on steam and man i like it ,everything works very good.

    (ive bin using other voice programs and they dont work properly they need a bunch of extra stuff to even work “70%”)

    Voice Warrior snaps on 100% to the voice commands and it does not even need to recognise my voice 😀

    You Sir/DevPossible are a Hero/es!

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