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      I need some script or shortcut key that makes the function enable / disable the voice control from voicewarrior.

      Personally, when I’m in the game at the same time I usually talk at times with my roommate and the voicewarrior activates erroneous functions. That’s cause I think it would be necessary to have a way to activate or deactivate voicewarrior in-game.
      If there is a way, please tell me how you do to deal with this?

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      Hi NeonDJ,

      I believe you are referring to what is normally called “push-to-talk”. This is where you setup a keyboard shortcut that will enable listening mode only while the key is held.

      In VoiceWarrior, you can enable this “listening mode” in the general settings menu under the speech tab. You can also select which key you want to be the activation key.

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        No, I was referring to something could be used without continually pressing for each function.

        I need to turn on / off the voicewarrior with some keyboard or voice command (in-game).
        Is it possible?

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