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    I’m familiar with simple hotkeys, I want to start using this software with livestreaming now. However, part of livestreaming is also opening other programs and websites while I’m quickly alt tabbed on the desktop from a game. I’m not familiar with scripting, but im assuming thats what I need to do to open certain programs from windows, including launching chrome and opening certain websites.

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    With more time spent on the program, I was able to find a way to launch google chrome, and even open certain pages I need within that window. ACtions, system, launch app, etc etc and the page url in parameters. Things are getting easier to understand the more I use it. Would like to work on a command for windows Alt Tabbing and have it so that it cycles in window selection till I say select window or something. Id have to have it so that it holds alt, and momentarily repeats tab while I watch and say select window or something to stop the repeat.

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    I didnt get it to hold down the alt button, instead i used control alt tab to get windows to display opened windows, then I used a cycle windows command to just repeatedly press right arrow, in addition, i used different commands to use right and left respectively, as well as stopping the repeated cycle command. I have numerous files for controlling games, and chrome separately. However I wish there was a way to copy and paste commands if I need to and make changes on the fly so that I can just keep building profiles as ideas come.

    Speaking about making changes on the fly, the most common time voicewarrior crashes is when I have the program listening while I add, change or delete commands.

    Copy and paste commands would be more fluent if I can drag and drop files into voicewarrior. Example; I made a profile that controls obs and is separate from everything else ive created. I then want to put those commands in a different profile while I play league of legends, so I just drage and drop the file I made for obs and viola, all those commands are in my league of legends profile while I play the game, organized by tags and everything. It would save me so much time.

    Workaround for this non existent solution. I have used voicewarriors own system profile change and called it profile hub, linking all the profiles I need together. I realize making 1 large, single profile would be faster and easier, and I plan on making one “master profile.” However with the programs instability I found it easier to just make small profiles geared to what I want to achieve, saving those then creating new profiles for separate tasks. Then linking them as mentioned before.

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    Seems like the numpad keys register as normal 1 2 and 3 numbers in voicewarrior. I have found most games and programs see these keys separately from just 123, ie, num or numpad 123. I usually keep my obs hot keys to switch scenes and mute on the numpad so I can play games without triggering them. I guess I have to come up with interesting hotkeys and combos in obs to work around this.

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    We’re glad to see that you are sticking with it. Let me take a moment to address a few of the issues you have raised.

    1. The number key are different. “1”,”2″, and “3” are different from “numpad1”, “numpad2”, and so on… Have a look here at some of the potential keys that can be sent:

    2. Sorry to hear you are experiencing instability. VoiceWarrior is meant to stop listening when it detects any changes to the profile (any edits at all). It’s not really possible with the current architecture to edit while you are actually processing commands – however, it may be a future feature. We’ll take a look into your bug reports (thanks for those, by the way, they really help!) to see if we can figure out what is causing the problem. If you have any “steps to reproduce” please send them our way so that we can be sure that we are fixing your exact problem.


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